You deserve a website that's easy to use, easy to navigate, looks modern, and is easy to maintain and update. You probably also realize how rare those websites are. Working with me; you'll get a website that is: ▪︎ Mobile-optimized ▪︎ Easy to use and maintain ▪︎ Flexible, upgradable, and future-proof ▪︎ Fast, and gets good Google page speed scores You'll get a developer who has: ▪︎ Engineered software for major corporations ▪︎ Worked in a large digital marketing agency helping build and run campaigns for well-known brand names ▪︎ The experience and flexibility to work directly with clients and to collaborate as part of agency teams A few major companies I've worked with: ▪︎ Wells Fargo ▪︎ AT&T ▪︎ DirecTV ▪︎ ADT ▪︎ Thermo Fisher ▪︎ HughesNet ➤ ON THE HUMAN SIDE OF THINGS... You've probably had experiences with unresponsive developers who had poor communication and people skills, and overstated their abilities. Maybe that's what brought you to Codeable. Every single one of my clients had been abused by freelancers and agencies before meeting me. So I understand their hesitation, and why they were guarded at first. You deserve to be treated respectfully, patiently communicated with, and educated when you don't understand something. In short; you derserve to be treated as an equal. You came here looking for top talent. But just because I'm one of the best at what I do, doesn't mean I don't understand there are things you can do better than me (probably a lot of things). I think this is why my clients have been thrilled with my communication, responsiveness, and transparency, and I'm sure you will be too! ➤ SOME PERSONAL STUFF... I couldn't do what I do if I wasn't mentally, physically, and spritually healthy. A few things I do to cake care of myself: ▪︎ Cooking ▪︎ Exercising ▪︎ Mindfulness ▪︎ Reading ▪︎ Learning Spanish ▪︎ Playing guitar 🎸 This also means living a life free of excess. And minimizing damaging substances, influences, and people.