I love building smooth and secure software solutions, solving complex problems, and helping businesses gain competitive advantage by adopting right software solutions. I have a bachelors in computer science and engineering, a masters in business administration, and 22 years of professional experience. I have worked as a software developer for close to 7 years. In this I have worked as a Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, and React developer for 2.5 years. Rest of my software development experience has been in Java, EJB, C/C++. Throughout these seven years, I have been developing applications to support web and mobile technology. I have, also, worked as a business analyst, pre-sales consultant, and an enterprise sales specialist. For ~2.5 years I have run a digital marketing agency. My team and I helped small and medium businesses develop and profitably run e-commerce portals. Another 2 year, I helped a large private bank assimilate and churn its data. We generated a list for cross-sell and up-sell. Wordpress fascinates me and it gives me an opportunity to support a wide spectrum of people who are trying to leverage the web to further their objectives. I am eagerly looking forward to projects that give me an opportunity to help people further their business.



If you get assigned Nishit as your developer, congratulations, because you have hit the Codeable "Jackpot." This guy is in a league of his own. Between being a great, reliable communicator, to the impeccable, well-commented code he puts together, the service Nishit provides is second to none; oh, and the cherry on top is the speed at which he works. Fast is the word i'd use. So, if I wasn't clear, he's good. Really good. He understood my project very quickly. It only took a 15 minute phonecall or so and he was ready to go. The first iteration was already 80% of the way there. I didn't have to direct him at all as far as how I'd like it to look or work -- he just gets it. The most relaxed I've ever been while working with a developer. Once we entered the final phase of the project, Nishit was ADAMANT that he would not mark it complete until it was working 100% and to my absolute liking. I literally begged him for his cashapp because I felt like I hadn't paid enough and he wouldn't give it to me. I can tell that this is a man of integrity who is passionate about coding and would never leave a job incomplete unless he had no choice (kidnappers take him, his building collapses, NK nukes the whole world, etc are the only examples of times I think Nishit would cease work on a project). The final phase was a breeze as we had our back and forths, fixing issues as they became apparent to us. Nishit was available almost always, by phone or email, replied very quickly to any of my silly questions or comments, and was always willing to get on a call to make sure that every aspect of the project was understood. This is my first time using codeable, so I can't speak to the other developers on the site, but I would be amazed if there's anyone on here as competant as Nishit. No offense, codeable, but not even a stellar HR team create make more Nishits. All I know is, if one of my startups ever takes off, the first person I approach for the CTO role is going to be Nishit. Thank you, Nishit, I'm loving the final product!!!