Ex-military combat pilot, seeking something that moves faster than helicopters and fighter jet planes, I have found web development. I am not talking only about how fast does your website load, but all the changes with Google SEO algorithms, Core Web Vitals, PHP versions, WordPress versions, plugins, themes, social networks, and so on... Parallel to developing my bad-ass pilot career, I was always "into computers", so started playing around with graphic design (vectors, bitmaps, image composition aka "photoshopping things"), moving forward to mobile app design and website design, decided to try web development. Remember how my elementary school teacher learned from me how to code in QBasic (I didn't have a PC back then), web development came naturally as a skill I want to develop more, and WordPress was a great first step. Fast forward 10 years later, here I am at Codeable, an amazing experts' family. Our goal is clients' satisfaction. Although it sounds like a catchphrase, this is the only way Codeable gets better, clients get back to Codeable, and we (Codeable experts) improve our skills. As a new asset here, I strive even more to deliver satisfaction. Every expert on Codeable has passed the tests and confirmed that they (we) are the top 2% of the world's WordPress developers. You won't make a mistake hiring anyone of us. Go with the person you feel you communicate the best with. Similarly, I will go with the client I feel I can deliver the most to. See you on the other side!