I fell in love with WordPress 8 years ago, when I needed a new challenge in my life. Putting behind my event-management company, I wanted to keep my body and brain vital. Biking and running were already my addictions, and playing brain games seemed like the other answer. "Why don't you learn WordPress? You'll train your brain and earn money, at the same time" - asked my son Tome, a Codeable expert. I started my WordPress journey the very next day. I can proudly say he was and still is my mentor. * Theme Development - from design to WordPress theme * Guttenberg Block Development * Theme Customization - developing extra functionalities on an already-built site * Web Accessibility W3Cx certified - accessibility audits and improvements * Page Speed Optimisation - improving page load times and Core Web Vitals * Deep understanding of Google Analytics and setting up custom GTM events * Site Maintenance - ensuring your site and plugins are up-to-date Having valuable entrepreneurial, marketing, and project management experience, I understand the client's perspective. You don't just need code delivered, but a smooth project development path, the highest quality product with native administration tools and workflow delivered, pixel perfect on all devices.



I had the pleasure of working with Emi who specializes in maintaining core web vitals and making design changes to our website. Her expertise and dedication has made a significant impact on our site's performance and user experience. From the outset, Emi demonstrated a deep understanding of core web vitals and their importance in optimizing website performance. She is always monitoring their status and successfully identifies areas that need improvements. As a result, our website reads 100% good URLs on both mobile and desktop. A huge improvement from where we started. I’ve been very impressed with the additional design work Emi has done for our website. She is frequently working on UX design improvements - from mega menu navigation to product page layouts to blog updates, Emi does it all. She has even incorporated various SEO strategies into her designs which is always much appreciated. Communication with Emi is seamless and professional. She is prompt in her responses and readily addresses any concerns or questions we have. Her ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner is greatly appreciated, as it allows our team to fully grasp the importance of core web vitals and UX design and their impact on our website's success. Overall, working with Emi has been a game-changer for our website. Her exceptional skills and hardworking attitude have significantly enhanced our website. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking expert assistance in maintaining and optimizing core web vitals and making design changes to their website.