##Technical Texas A&M University, B.S. Computer Engineering Web Development since 2014 ###WordPress Specific Keywords Full-Stack, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Hosting, Divi, Gravity Forms, Gravity Flow, LifterLMS, WooCommerce ###Software Keywords Java, SwiftUI, SQL, Android, iOS, C, C++, VB.Net #Forging. I think that's what everyone who builds a website is doing - we're crafting something out of some bits of raw material to say, sell, help, or gather *something*. We're makers. We're making friends, building roads, and constructing these digital bridges to each other (social platforms), to access information (help and Q&A sites), and to cultivate new markets. That's awesome. That's what I want to help with. That's why I became a WordPress developer. I don't get to "zoom out" a lot once I start working on a project (I limit myself to no more than 2 Codeable projects at a time) because I love to really dive in. I want to know the mission statement or the vision of your project so I can build towards it. I want to know why you felt passionate enough to go find yourself a Codeable developer. I want to know your ambitions, goals, and who is pulling for your success. In short, I want to know you and your team. Because endeavors are people-powered - and *this* endeavor that we're no doubt in the workroom chatting about (I apologize if I'm about to send too many questions - I promise it's just because I want to understand!) is, at the heart of it, powered by you. Awesome, talented, incredible - you. So let's start there. Let's start with you, and then work our way to that awesome idea of yours and figure out whatever you need to forge. #Personal Wow, I'm honored you read this far :) I love God, my family, and coffee though, and as much as it pains me to admit it, sometimes not in that order. I'm also into blues piano, but don't expect a single anytime soon ;) ###Currently Looking to Grow Keywords ReactJS, WP-CLI, CompTIA Security+ (certificate)



Avery went above and beyond in every way. He was patient with us as we landed on what we wanted and needed. He built what we needed and did it with expertise. Very thankful for Avery's research, knowledge, and guidance on this project!

Egeiro Coffee

Egeiro Coffee

Website for a coffee shop in downtown Bangkok. This build was for a fantastic coffee spot backed by incredibly kind friends of mine. I wanted to bring out the personable nature, the bright whites, and the clean aesthetic in this design. I elected to go with more subtle text choices to allow the imagery to speak for itself.

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