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Ricardo Filipo worked as a Software Engineer for more than 30 years, assuming roles as System Architect, Manager, Cyber Security Adviser, Sysadmin, Agile Scrum Master, DevOps, and Webmaster, among others, for private companies, governments, and military institutions. Ricardo has a MA in Arts/Computer Science from CBM/UFRJ in 1996. Today Ricardo is a former Computer Science teacher at Brazilian Universities: UNESA, UERJ, and IME, as well as a thriving Codeable expert. Ricardo is a FLOSS advocate, responsible for the PHP language consolidation, leading the Free Software Project implementation in Rio de Janeiro Brazilian State Government, from 2001 to 2005, spreading the use of Linux and Open Source among schools, companies, and in all sectors. Ricardo also introduced the Agile Mindset and Methodologies in PRODERJ (Data Processing Agency of the State of Rio de Janeiro) to more than 350 Engineers in 2010.

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