⭐️While new to the Codeable ecosystem I bring with me 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer, technical lead and CTO.⭐️ I have had the privilege of working on WordPress projects (including technical leadership, feature development, new product development and maintenance) for some of the largest brands in the world, including Fujifilm, eBay and HBO. As such I have the unique experience of solving issues at scale (websites supporting several million users per month), taking responsibility my own work and the work of teams of developers where mistakes can potentially cause millions of dollars of damage. Additionally, I have been active in the open source space in the past including being part of the core team for Pods Framework (https://pods.io/) and responsible for front-end development and UI/UX for the field creation process. When engaging with me you can be assured of the following: ✔️ You will be engaging with me and me alone, I do not represent an agency. ✔️ I will work with you to understand your requirements from a business perspective to ensure you end up with the best solution. ✔️ Your website will be handled with care by an expert that takes ownership and responsibility for his work. Lastly, while my experience with WordPress over the past 15 years has covered nearly every major plugin at some point there are some areas I specialize in. These are: 👉 Complex use/extension of ACF, GravityForms, Yoast, WooCommerce. 👉 Custom theme & plugin development using best practices (e.g. MVC framework, composer, webpack etc). 👉 Complex data migrations from non-WordPress CMS's to WordPress e.g. Drupal, Kentico, Umbraco. 👉 Performance optimization of themes, 3rd party and custom legacy plugins to reduce infrastructure costs and improve Pagespeed scores. 👉 Gutenberg/React development, including extending existing blocks, creating new blocks, advising on patterns and reusable blocks etc. 👉 Database optimization and cleanup.