I AM SKILLED IN THE FOLLOWING: ✅ Semantic, valid HTML To make sure your website loads correctly. ✅ Advanced CSS techniques (modular Scss, BEM methodology) To be able to create modular, lightweight styling. ✅ JavaScript (jQuery, node.js tools) To create dynamic functionality and be able to use advanced and modern front-end workflow. ✅ PHP (WordPress API) To have your website correctly built on the most popular CMS in the world. ✅ Git To manage your project professionally. ✅ CI/CD tools To make it even better and more convenient if you need long-term support for your project. I CARE ABOUT: 🚀 Performance optimisation (Google's Core Web Vitals, image optimisation, caching) To make your website loading lightning fast. As researches show, every additional second of page loading results in a significant visitor loss. 👁️ Accessibility An accessible website is excellent for SEO and allows your visitors to see your website correctly. 🔍 Good SEO practices To make your website appear high in search results. 🤩 Outstanding UX/UI When I spot any potential User Experience or design issues, I inform you how you can improve things. I create Gutenberg Blocks, where possible, to allow for easy and intuitive content management in WordPress installation. 👌 Retina screen support (♥️SVGs and Lottie animations) To make your site look crystal clear on any device. 👍 Seamless responsive design Save your time and effort, as I know the potential problems that may arise at different resolutions, and fix them automatically. 🎖️ Low Technical Debt I create custom themes based on the modular, well-structured and commented code, which can be extended easily in the future. 💬 Good cooperation I deliver on time and with the best quality. I keep you in the loop, so you are aware of the project's progress and can pass feedback as soon as possible. ⏱️ Saving your time I use common sense and good practices where possible, but I ask the right questions to clarify unclear things.