I have been interested in web design, programming, SEO, digitalization, Marketing, the internet and everything that goes with it since I was twelve years old. As an autodidact, I taught myself all the basics. My steadily growing enthusiasm for web design and development led me to register a corresponding business in 2006, while I was still at school, at the age of 16. I knew that I wanted to follow my passion. So a year later I began my education as a media designer for digital and print media with a focus on design and technology, allowing me to deepen my knowledge and specialize. I turned my hobby into my profession. I started my professional career as a web designer in one of Europe’s biggest internet agencies. Later, always on the lookout for new challenges, I continued my path as a manager and senior developer in the development department of one of the largest German e-learning portals. Here, I played a key role in establishing the agency business. During this time, together with partners, I also founded other companies and software projects. Already during my education, I discovered my passion for sharing knowledge. That led me to start taking courses in web development, web design and WordPress. What was distributed back then in the form of DVDs, is today primarily available as online classes and tutorials. My current online courses are among the best-selling and best-rated in the industry for the German-speaking market. At the same time, I have written multiple industry-specific articles, which have been published by well-known publishers and publicists. These include for example publications for T3N or the Webstandards Magazin / Screenguide. Over the years, I have continuously expanded my agency and established it as a key player, especially in the field of WordPress & PHP development.



Thank you very much Pascal! The process couldn't have been easier :) And apologies for the late replies from my side