Welcome to HotSource, a team of New Zealand based developers specialising in all things web. With decades of experience between us, we are the total package agency for your next project. With experience across eCommerce, content creation, customer service, client management, software engineering, and of course, all things website; you can be sure that there isn't a bump-in-the-road or unexpected task that we can't handle. Why work with us? You won't find another agency on, or off this platform that offers what we do and I'll tell you why; we're Kiwis! We don't know what it means to give up, and this is something that has driven us to be the best every day of every week for years. Just like Sir Edmund Hilary, part of the first team to climb Mt. Everest; there is no project too big. Or, how about Bruce McLaren the Kiwi that took his dreams overseas to establish one of the most successful Formula One teams ever; we build them fast, and we build them beautiful. Finally, Sir. Ernest Rutherford, who was awarded the coveted Nobel Prize in Chemistry before his research that led to the splitting of the atom; even at the top, there's room to grow. It's these New Zealanders, and countless others that drive us every day to be the best we can be: from unrivalled communication between our team and you (our future client), to of course a finished product you'd be proud to share with everyone.

Eric C.


Great communication and amazing work!! Matthew took this job that many others could not figure out and found solutions within a few days. Will definitely use him again, and would highly recommend!

Helen C.


Matthew has gone above and beyond in this project, and the results are even better than I expected! My aim was to improve the mobile speed optimisation on my brand new Wordpress theme. I've had a content-based Wordpress blog for 11 years, with fairly high traffic, and optimisation for SEO is very important to me. Finding someone who understands my questions and can answer them, and most importantly solve them, is awesome. I look forward to working with Matthew again.

Matthew H.


Matthew Zalewski was a pleasure to work with. He made all the necessary changes to our website and we would use him again in the future.

sepehr s.


Very knowledgeable. He immediately diagnosed the problems and increased the website speed to A on Gtmetrix

Pankaj K.


I think the overall goals of the project were not met. But Matthew did work very hard and responded well to changes as we found new complexities through the project life cycle. The overall time taken was also longer than what I thought it would take to take this project live.

Supreet S.


The seller went above and beyond scope of project. They helped me speed up might site but also eliminated a major threat to my website that was unexpected. I highly recommend Matthew Zalewski and the team.

Sven K.


Excellent solution and good response on questions

Paul B.


Matthew and staff understood our needs and exceeded our expectations for load time and other performance metrics. They know SEO, and work quickly and for a reasonable price. Our website flies now, and I'm confident that our position in the SERPs will improve as a result. I'm glad we found them on Codeable and look forward to hiring them again.

Raymond G.


Matthew's work results exceeded expectations and he was a pleasurxe to work with.

ahmed s.


Mathew acheived more than what he was asked, he was able to dig deep in the core of the problem and solve issues as they came up. he really knows how to make your site fast. i highly recommend him